ɮբͧ Mc Gregor ɮբͧоط


ѡ  (Douglas Mc Gregor) ʹͷɮ (X Theory) зɮ (Y Theory )  ĵԡ㹡÷ӧҹͧ ػ

ɮ X (Theory X)  ͤ¨ҹ  㹡úè֧ҵáúѧѺ  ºࡳ¡ӡѺ  աäǺ÷ӧҹҧԴ  աŧѡ

ɮ Y (Theory Y)  ͤѹ  աá˹˹ҷçҹ  ҷ¤ö  ҧç٧㹡ûԺѵԧҹԧǡ  ФԴ͡ǹ㹡úçҹ

š  2   Ẻɮ X  зɮ Y ԧҹ  ҡشҨ ɮ XY    ҧ駢¨  ҧ駢ѹ  ¨ҡҢѹ ͨ繷ɮ YX    ҧ駢ѹ  ҧ駢¨  ѹҡҢ¨  ͧǨͺͧҹͧ  ҧ X, Y, XY  YX  ҹ㹻˹?
(ͧʵҨ . ѵ ѡ :1)


Theory X = Դź   (negative thinking)
Theory Y = Դǡ (positive thinking)

طԡ ͧ ҹ͹ Դǡ 蹤 ҹͧ ǹդ Ǵ лѹ ҡҧºҧ (Ҩɵͧ)   ͧԴź ͧ੾дҹ  ʹ ͧ ͧǡ  ѧӡ͹

ط :
ǹǺҧҧ              ͡ǹ
繻ªšҧѧҴ            ǹͧ
Ҥմǹ                  Ǥ
͹˹Ǵҵ    ֡ͧդسԧ

äԴǡ ͧ͡ ѡɳ蹹 СѺҾѧ ѧҡ仴¡  äԴǡ/ͧ 鹨ҧԧѺ੾㹺ҧóҹ äԴǡ/ͧ Դź/ͧ ¹ 觼 㹺ҧ駺ҧ ͧšǡ/ͧ  ҨԴҷ㹪Ե ǹäԴź/ͧ 鹡ҧع Ѻͧͧ ҴԵ ǧѧ  й鹤 ÷ͧšúͧҹ ͤ÷ФԴǡ ФԴź úǹǹҪ觹˹ѡ лԹ ѧӡ͹

ǹ ը ŧ               ͧ- Ҥ
繻ª ͧ         Ե  蹤Դ
׹ҧ Ǵ ش                㨨 ()§
ع                ֡ ͧǴ դسԧ

ҡҤԴǡ ѹ繤 ѹ繤 ·蹹 ҡѺͧ͡ ͡äԴ ѹ繤 ѹ繤 äԴ蹹ҡѺ÷¨Ե㨵ͧǡѹ

ء ҹ дҹ (darkside) ͧš Ҩŧ㹤 ҧǻѡǻ ¡ҧ դҷӴաѺ ҡͧҪҧ繤իԹ ÷ǡѺ ҡͧ ѹҧǫԹ

㴡ͧ§ҹ ʹҹ §ҹ 蹹 繤ԧúͧҹ 觼Դ ͤ ͤ§Դ йҳҹ֧ ͹ ѡ Ѻ 蹤ͧ͡觵ҧ 繤ú 駴ҹ дҹ  ǹҪ觹˹ѡ 㨢ͧ繵Ҫ

ǡѹѺ ͧٵͧ/Դ/ٴ/ Ѻͧ з觨еѴԹ з з  ҡ÷٨ѡ Ѻ   ¡͹ 蹤 ͧ ǡ ź ҹ ҹ кѧԴ Ǩ֧ѴԹ㨡з з 觵ҧ   Ѻ   ǭúǹ ҴԴ ѧԺѧԴ ЧѺѺ ҴԴѧԴ Һҧŧ 蹹 ª աѺ ѡ ͧš (Դǡ Դź)  ǹ Ѻ »Сéй
д˵ع мվҤ ҹ֧ʹ ɮ  (X+Y)/2  = ԵԸ  2551 ա͹

X=ѵԡҹ¤  (negative thinking)
Y=آԡҹ¤  (positive thinking)

ȹТͧмվҤ ç ͧ/áз  ǹִͧ˹ҧ¡ҧ ա÷йӨԵ  ١ѡ ١ѧ  (ˤ ʤ) зӤحش äԴ鹵ͧ繡äԴ  ¹ԡ (Դ١ҧ) Сͺ·ء

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Դ繷 2 (1825668)


ʹ֡š ҹͤʵ
ФԴ 繤
ѡ¹ ѡԴ ժ§ ҹ
ʴԸդԴ ǵ ͡ ҹҹ¹мŧҹҧ

ʹ֡ سԹ ʵ
յǵ ԸդԴ ҧáѹ

Ըաùʹ 觻ѹ


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Դ繷 3 (1825736)

ҹسԹ ¹ҡ Ѵਹ鹨 ػ ҹջªԴѧ

ҡŧ´㹺ҧ͹蹡äԴԧǡ  鵹ͧ..÷ҧ  ҷдҡѺ

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Դ繷 4 (1826127)

Թԧǡ Դҧä ͧҡѧʹѺʹع û١ѧǪդسѡɳдѧҧ ҹҨطԡẺѺբͧäԴǡͧ ʤسԹҡ Ѻ觴մըҡͤԴ繢ͧسԹʹ

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Դ繷 5 (1826289)

Թ: ʴդѺ س ҹ˹ѧ͹ س Oly س Όѡ͹ ¹繵ҧ ѺҳԵ÷ҹ˹ ҳԵ÷ҹ繼 ͧš ѡͧ "š 褹 šҧ§" Թ¤ҹ֧֡ ͹ͧҹطԡ ͹ͧͧ "ͧš" ֧ͧ ͧ ˹ѡ  "ͧš"  դس͹ѹ ѹ¨ԧ˹ ҡѡ͡١ "ͧš" ͹Ѻ ׹ ׹ͧѹҡѹ ѹҶ֧ ׹ ׹ҨͧѺҴ ׹ͧѹѹѹҶ֧ǹ ͧ͡š/äԴǡͧš/äԴǡ 繼ըԵ㨷 ʴ ԡҹ ѧԴҤ㹵ͧ (Self-Esteem) ѺѺ͵ͧ դ㹵ͧ þ㹵м ժԵҧ ׹觡ͧš/Դǡ ׹ҨͧѺҴ Сáͧš/Դǡ "š 褹 šҧ§" Ǵѧ š ҹ¹鹡ѧ ǹ鹡ѧ šҹ´ҡǹ鹡ѧ 㨺ѧѺͧҹ ҡͧ繴ҹ  ѧԴ繤ҷ ѧԴͤ 㹡Ե ѹ  ػ͹硷 ӻ׹ٺ·͹Ҿ觻׹ ˵ع֧ԴʹҡҹطԡҴͧ "ͧš" դس͹ѹ ѹ ͹׹ 觡ਵҨźٺҨ 繡ûԺѵԺ٪ҤٺҨ  ¡äԴʹ ҡԴٺҨͧ

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Դ繷 6 (1826553)

 ͤԴҧ  ҧҧҡ...

ôԹԵͧҵͧҹǡź  ʵҷѹԵͧ  Ԩóҷ駺ǡźҡ㹤ҷ


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Դ繷 7 (1826685)

ͧԧͧѨ褹Ӿ ͧաͤԴʡԴ͹ ͡ Ъ ֧ʵ֡ դԴҧäէա¤ԴҤԴͧ سѡɳТͧҧ˹觡 " Դͧ"

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ͺس 㺽 سҸت Ѻ
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ҡҪ¡ѹԴ Ǫ·   §ٴ §Դ

觺ҹҡ ͧẺͺҹ

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