The BBC asked the

 The BBC asked the UN body responsible for accrediting delegates about its procedures, but has not received a reply.



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 She has joined a new political party (Lakas-CMD) headed by former President Gloria Arroyo, replacing another candidate who had withdrawn.


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 Shortly after filing her candidacy, she was picked as the running mate for Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the son of the late Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who is running as president.


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 But critics say that during his five years in power, Mr Duterte has encouraged police to carry out thousands of extrajudicial killings of suspects in what he has called his "war on drugs".


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 However, reports emerged on Saturday - quoting his communications secretary - that he would file to stand as vice-president himself ahead of a 15 November deadline.


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 And he"s not stopped since. The president has now made more than 32 changes to the country"s gun laws - they include increasing the number of guns you"re allowed to own, looser restrictions on ammunition and the ability to buy more powerful weapons.


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 The major general said they were not being allowed in because "it is not the right time... we can"t agree with their demands... and what they say about Myanmar is not constructive."


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 Dr Amin now sells an online digital course called The New Mom"s Survival Guide via her website, and also earns money from affiliate links to her favourite parent and baby products. She also now hosts a PedsDocTalk podcast.


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 Also, the addition of another country to the red list comes as some UK residents in South Africa are still struggling to get home, because they can"t find quarantine hotel rooms available on the day their flight arrives.

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