Father, it is not long ago that there was a school that let students eat piss or love themselves. It was a school that thought that there were many disciples and customers who respected this Father as Very enormously doing this, embalming the body, eating it, putting it on the face, applying it to the wrong person, and the important thing is that those who believe him are more mentally unstable than those who come out just like that. We do not believe and people in this world are all difficult but it is not easy how to cultivate the principles or teachings available to us to study the truth even though that person is the one who Disseminating teachings can also brainwash many people as well as people who are known as eating chips and other things that will make themselves have a bright complexion, far away from disease or disease that is cured. Being in existence is considered an idiot or is it the duty of someone to come and take care of it because this act is a very foolish act I will tell you.

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